Our New Year’s Tradition

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Ever since my children were younger,  I wanted to find a way to make the New Year special without keeping them up to do fireworks – for a few reasons. First, they were way too young to be staying up that late. Second, because of their age, fireworks scared them. I came up with an alternative that I think you will love. We love it so much, we still do it every year even though they also enjoy some fireworks now too.

Every year during this time, Target sells some large confetti canon poppers. On New Years Day, we turn the music up and grab a few canons and pop them off in our living room and have a dance party. The kids have a ball playing with the confetti. They love throwing it in the air, making confetti angels, and last year I grabbed the leaf blower and started blowing the confetti all around them  while they stood in the corner to wave their hands around like they were in one of those money grabbing games. They had a blast!



Now, I know what you must be thinking – this sounds like a terrible mess to clean up! And it is. However, it’s completely worth it! We’ve found that sweeping and a vacuum helps to tidy up quickly. A leaf blower, not so much. But it’s definitely fun though.




We love celebrating the New Year! And this year will be no different. If anything we will be celebrating extra hard. Wishing you all the best 2021 has to offer!


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