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I’ve been thinking lately about this beautiful community of photographers we have here in Charleston, especially our female photographers. I started this little photography dream here in Charleston and I’m so glad I did. It’s been such an amazing journey to find so many women that encourage and uplift each other. We are in the business of capturing the beauty of life, but this business is not easy. It’s a rollercoaster. Some days are hard and bring tears + doubt and other days are so beautiful they bring tears + pride. So I guess I’m saying I cry a lot.. but what I’m really trying to say is, all the beautiful moments we have in life and in business are worth anything bad we have to go through. The beauty will always outweigh the hard. Because those low moments only make the highs shine that much brighter and there is still beauty in the lows.

This Mama is one of the best! She is my biggest cheerleader and lifts me up when the hard parts of the job start affecting me. She’s is so positive and always has the best advice. I’ve been able to help change my thoughts, mindset, and perspective with her help. She’s a life coach and one of the very bests!! If you don’t know what a life coach is, it’s like therapy but empowering. She gives you tools to help work through your thoughts and feelings and take control over them. I don’t know where I would be without her help and her beautiful friendship. She always has the best advice and pick me ups! So if you aren’t already following her IG, you should. And her website is beautiful too!

And if I can pass one thing on to anyone dreaming about being a photographer – go to school for business, not photography. You can teach yourself photography but it’s a lot harder to learn the business side of things – and you’ll spend way more time on the business side than the creative side.


Melissa Charmaine is a natural light photographer based out of Charleston, South Carolina and serves Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Johns Island, James Island, Daniels Island, West Ashley, Summerville, and the surrounding areas.

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