Annie’s Field Portraits in Summerville

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I don’t know if it’s just me, but I don’t usually see a ton of fields of wildflowers down here. You can imagine my excitement when I found the perfect field full of gorgeous flowers! It was in the middle of a corn field that barely started popping up. It had a red barn with a tall stone silo.. oh it was gorgeous! Obviously this was on private property so I started knocking on the doors of all the houses around the field and a “no trespassing, will shoot” sign finally scared me away. Welcome to the south! haha I left a note in their mailbox and didn’t expect to ever hear from them. It was a few weeks later than the sweet gentleman called and gave me permission! I’m so glad!! I loved how these photos turned out! Even though we probably looked like the grinch stepping over each little row of corn. Oh what a sight! Now, I’ll just leave you with that vision to enjoy these photos.


Melissa Charmaine is a natural light photographer based out of Charleston, South Carolina and serves Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Johns Island, James Island, Daniels Island, West Ashley, Summerville, and the surrounding areas.

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